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2-4-5 trioxin and trioxin 5

What we do know of these two chemicals, 2-4-5 trioxin was the first known generation,
with Trioxin 5 coming later.

2-4-5 trioxin

Created by The Darrow Chemical Company around 1969.

2-4-5 trioxin was being developed for Military use against marijuana in support of the
relatively new “war on drugs.”

2-4-5 trioxin was later discovered to have the ability to re-activate the nervous systems of the dead.  How long the individual might have been dead does not play any role.

2-4-5 trioxin in various forms is either lethal to a living person, or a severe skin irritant, similar to acid rain.

2-4-5 trioxin is a yellow/greenish gaseous chemical.

2-4-5 trioxin arguably creates the most dangerous kind of Walker.  The kind who retains most all the qualities of that person when they where still alive (though former loyalties seem to be lost).  This includes, but is not limited to:  Memories of self, Cognitive speech and thought process.  The ability to move very fast, even run, and specifically most ominously, a form of invincibility. 

2-4-5 trioxin  Invincibility:  In almost every other case of walkers, the solution to put one down involves the destruction of the brain itself.  While the basic functions a 2-4-5 trioxin corpse might retain of it’s previous life might be lost with the destruction of the brain, it will not stop the body itself from functioning.  In fact, 2-4-5 trioxin also seems to re-animate individual body parts no longer attached to the body itself, such as a severed arm.

2-4-5 trioxin Does NOT seem to be transmitted through the classic “bite” of the zombie infected.  Direct contact with the chemical itself in whatever form it takes seems to be what infects an individual either already dead, or still living (For example, a person who is dead is lying in a puddle of  2-4-5 trioxin mixed in with the water)

2-4-5 trioxin effects on the body:
Through unofficial and official observations, the chemical re-ativates the nervous system of the body, which includes full brain function, however, loyalties become screwed in the victim and they will turn on former friends and even family.  The brain evidentially will experience the full effect and sensations of being dead, which will include the decaying process.  Victims of 2-4-5 trioxin find themselves desperate to relieve this suffering by consuming the brains of a living victim.  Once this occurs, the 2-4-5 trioxin victim will indeed feel a temporary relief of the previously mentioned pain, however, the sensation will return in time and they must consume more brains to stave off the pain.  It is unknown if a man made drug, such as morphine, would relieve this pain.

2-4-5 trioxin weaponization:
After the 1969 incident at the Pittsburgh VA hospital, it is believed that the Army’s evacuation of the corpses was less about public safety than it was an attempt to weaponize these corpses.

2-4-5 trioxin fall out:
The chemical was deemed a complete failure by top brass as the re-animated corpses could not be controlled, nor easily destroyed.  A new version of the chemical was ordered by the US Army, which led to the development of trioxin 5.  More on that in a moment.  In addition, the low yield Nuclear warehead dropped on Lousville Kentucky in 1884 to deal with the zombie outbreak there also caused a public relations nightmare for both the US military, and the Darrow Chemical Company. 

2-4-5 trioxin Re-emergence and mutation (2005)
Some of the original barrels where re-discovered in the former Soviet Union.  In one instance, one of the barrels was leaking the chemical, which appeared in the form of a green sludge.  The first victim simply touched the sludge and finally suffered the effects of  2-4-5 trioxin.  This mutation was a disturbing revaluation in the history of 2-4-5 trioxin.  Never before had the chemical been as toxic as it was in this form.  What specifically caused the mutation of 2-4-5 trioxin is unknown.

trioxin 5
Less is known about trioxin 5, except to say that it’s effects on the body seemed to be almost identical to that of the original formula 2-4-5 trioxin.  One notable difference is that the victims of trioxin 5, the walkers, could now actually be put down by destroying the brain itself.  Additionally, trioxin 5's effects did appear now to be transmittable  to new victims through a classic zombie bite.